Monday, December 10, 2018

Over the River and Through the Woods

to Grandmother's house we go!  Or perhaps its your daughter's? Your son's?  Your sister's?  Anyway you get the point.

There is nothing like the holidays to entice us to make a road trip to be with the ones we love.  As a military family, we are seasoned road trippers.  Whether its moving from one state to another, a complete cross country move, or a grand adventure exploring Europe, we know how to put some miles on our car and to not only survive the time, but how to pass it pleasantly.

And #1 in our bag is of tricks is audiobooks!  Whether we download them from the library on to our Hoopla and Overdrive accounts, or use our good old CDs, audiobooks are a crucial part of surviving these long journeys.

My all time favorite goes back to the days of audiocassettes - we wore out 2 sets before we finally retired this series.  I'm excited to see it is back on Amazon on audio CD's.  Its a classic.  We still quote lines from this series.  "To hear is obey" is still music to this mama's ears!

BBC's Chronicles of Narnia is a full cast radio dramatization of the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis and was loved by adults and children alike in our family.

Our current favorite is Cabin Pressure another BBC production, starring Benedict Cumberpatch.  We laugh out loud, and often text our favorite lines to our adult children as we drive along.  We're on month 11 of the "yellow car" game introduced in one episode.    This series  is quickly becoming a tradition for all trips to see our adult children.

Not Disney's version of Peter Pan, our family really enjoyed this unabridged version of the original story.  Peter Pan really was a naughty boy and this book has some great moral lessons.

Incredible memories and bonding time are definitely possible on a long road trip, especially when your family shares in some wonderful stories along the day.

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